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......@@ -49,3 +49,37 @@ headerSVG.gitlab3: "GitLab"
headerSVG.gitlab4: "GitLab"
headerSVG.bitbucket1: "Bitbucket"
headerSVG.bitbucket2: "Bitbucket"
wizard.welcome.description: "With this toolchain, you can develop and deploy an application securely into a Kubernetes cluster managed by the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service. By default, the toolchain uses a sample Node.js \"Hello World\" app, but you can also bring your own app and link to it instead."
wizard.sourceHost: "Source Provider"
wizard.step.application.title: "Application"
wizard.step.vault.title: "Secrets"
wizard.step.keyprotect.title: "IBM Key Protect"
wizard.step.secretsmanager.title: "IBM Secrets Manager"
wizard.step.hashicorpvault.title: "HashiCorp Vault"
wizard.step.deploy.label: "Deploy"
wizard.step.deploy.title: "Deployment Target"
wizard.step.optionaltools.title: "Optional Tools"
wizard.step.summary.title: "Summary"
wizard.app.title: "Application"
wizard.app.longDescription: "By default, it provides you with a sample app. You can bring your own app by replacing the sample URL with a URL to your own source code repository."
wizard.app.clone: "Use default sample"
wizard.app.link: "Bring your own app"
wizard.repo.invalidOptionMsg: "You have chosen an unsupported configuration option. Please enable **Advanced Options**."
wizard.summary.title: "Summary"
wizard.summary.success.title: "Congratulations"
wizard.summary.success.subtitle: "You have completed the configuration of your toolchain. Click the 'Create' button below to create the toolchain with your chosen tools and settings."
wizard.vault.title: "Secrets Management"
wizard.vault.longDescription: "Some tools in this toolchain require secrets to access privileged resources. An IBM Cloud API key is an example of such a secret. All secrets should be stored securely in a secrets vault and then referenced as required by the toolchain."
wizard.vault.keyProtect.title: "IBM Key Protect"
wizard.vault.keyProtect.description: "Key Protect is a cloud-based security service that provides life cycle management for encryption keys that are used in IBM Cloud services or customer-built applications."
wizard.vault.secretsManager.title: "Secrets Manager"
wizard.vault.secretsManager.description: "With Secrets Manager you can create, lease, and centrally manage secrets that are used in IBM Cloud services or your custom-built applications."
wizard.vault.hashicorp.title: "HashiCorp Vault"
wizard.vault.hashicorp.description: "HashiCorp Vault is a secrets management solution that brokers access to systems for both humans and machines through programmatic access."
wizard.vault.info: "Please identify the secrets providers containing your secrets:"
wizard.optional.tools.title: "Other Tools"
wizard.optional.tools.longDescription: "These are optional tools that can be included in your toolchain."
wizard.optional.tools.webide.title: "Orion WebIDE (no configuration required)"
wizard.optional.tools.webide.description: "Develop for the web and the cloud in this browser-based integrated development environment (IDE)."
wizard.optional.tools.doi.title: "DevOps Insights (no configuration required)"
wizard.optional.tools.doi.description: "DevOps Insights provides comprehensive insights from popular continuous integration and continuous delivery tools to increase the speed and control of your application delivery."
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